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Craigleith Ski Club Multi Sport Return to Play

While maintaining compliance with Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and the province of Ontario’s Regional Public Health Units, our organization is following the guidelines set out by our Provincial Government for opening Spring and Summer Day Camps during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Guiding principles from Ontario Provincial Health requires all Parents and Guardians to read and understand this plan and sign a copy of the attached Craigleith Ski Club COVID19 AGREEMENT which is posted on our website at www.craigleith.com prior to involvement in any summer multi-sport camps. Our club has appointed Dave Campbell, Alpine Program Manager, as our primary point of contact regarding this document and our COVID-19 Return to Paly process. Any questions or communications around these matters, including reports of cases of COVID-19 among participants, should be directed to Dave Campbell to ensure our policies are being fully adhered to.

Process to Open Safely:   
To ensure a safe opening we will not allow participation by the following individuals or groups:
  • People who are currently infected with COVID-19.
  • Anyone who is under quarantine or who has symptoms of respiratory infection. such as fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, or general disorders
  • People who are immunocompromised or believed to be at-risk for COVID-19. 
  • Clients who do not submit a properly signed “Craigleith Multi Sport COVID19 Agreement”.
  • Clients who do not follow the instructions or guidelines provided in this Return to     Play or Craigleith Multi-Sport COVID-19 Agreement. 
Every Program/Camp activity will have a designated responsible organizer who will maintain a complete list of participants which will be made available to our organization’s primary contact person.
Our locations will be thoroughly cleaned, and new cleaning regimes have been put in place to maintain a high level of sanitization. There may be new signage at our various locations further explaining these procedures, as well as changes to maximum occupancy, and we ask that all participants/parents/guardians read and abide by the new rules.
There must be good hygiene practices in connection with the activity, e.g. access to hand sanitizer, routine hand washing and thorough cleaning of sports equipment before and after the activity.
 We ask that any person/s participating monitor potential symptoms and use the
COVID-19 self assessment tool found at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/
Measures to keep people safe to avoid spread of COVID-19 :
All types of training activities must be carried out in a way that ensures the Province of Ontario’s recommendations on distance between people and group gathering are complied with, i.e. keeping a 2-meter (6 feet) distance between participants at all times.
No sports activity or training shall be carried out if at least 2 meters of distance between individuals cannot be properly maintained. 
Participants are recommended to only use their own equipment (Bike). Any shared equipment needs to be properly sanitized immediately after each use.
Physical contact is not permitted.
In activities for children and adolescents, an adult who can ensure the activity is carried out in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of public health authorities and special sporting COVID-19 rules must be present. 
No common change rooms or showers should be used. Participants are encouraged to arrive ready to participate. 
If toilets are to be used, there will be good routines in place for frequent cleaning.
Everyone attending an activity will have easy access to hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer. 
Our Plan if a case or outbreak should occur:  
If someone shows symptoms of COVID-19 they must immediately let their coach know and isolate themselves. 
We will make decisions to cancel, postpone or modify any activity if one or more cases of potential infection are reported. 
We will promptly communicate all information regarding reported cases at any event with everyone who has participated or been involved.
Any participants showing symptoms must self-isolate as per Ontario Provincial guidelines - all participants, coaches, members, volunteers, and family members of participants while in attendance at any of the Rad Adventures programs/camps. 

Parents/Guardian Agreement: 
  • I agree to complete the online daily symptom screening checks and will let coaches know if I have experienced any symptoms in the last 14 days. 
  • I agree to stay home if feeling sick and remain home for 14 days if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and/or provide documentation that supports a negative COVID-19 test paired with no symptoms for 24 hours. 
  • I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering and exiting any camp locations, with soap or sanitizer.
  •  I agree to sanitize my equipment (bike) I use during programs/camps with approved cleaning products.
  • I agree to follow social distancing protocols by staying at least 2m away from others. 
  • I agree to not share any equipment during programs/camps.
  • I agree to abide by all the club COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines.
  • I understand that if I do not abide by the policies and guidelines, I may be asked to leave by Craigleith for up to 14 days to help protect myself and others around me.  
  • I acknowledge that continued abuse of the policies and/or guidelines may result in suspension and be asked to leave program or camp.
  • I acknowledge that there are risks associated with any Craigleith programs or camps and/or participating in any other activities, and that the measures taken by Craigleith Ski Club and participants, including those set out above and under the COVID-19 Response Plan and Return to Play Protocols, will not eliminate those risks. 
Procedures around keeping cohorts separate on-site, drop-off and pick-up, lunch and break times:
All cohorts (groups) will have a designated area which will be used to store personal belongings and serve as a lunch location. During the day, groups will not intermingle, and will be required to only interact/socialize with those in their group. To mitigate the number of children in one area during lunch time when needed, groups will be taking staggered lunches to reduce overlap. A tentative camp schedule can be provided upon request. 
For drop-off and pick up please use the roundabout thru-way located just north of the Main Parking lot entrance. Craigleith Flags will be marked at this entrance on the first day of Camp. Please also use this entrance for pick up as well. Please do not arrive any more than 5 minutes priority to camp start and make sure you arrive at the camp end time.

Details on how you are maintaining good hygiene practices throughout the day:
There will be many sanitation stations throughout the premises. These sanitation stations will include hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes/spray. Staff will be instructed to spray/wipe highly touched objects (i.e. soccer balls, etc.) after each use. Campers will be reminded to practice good hygiene, washing hands frequently, wearing masks when 6ft cannot be maintained, and staying home if they are under the weather. 
If a camper falls ill at camp, their parent/emergency contact will be contacted right away and instructed to pick up the child. The child will then be moved into an area that is sufficiently away from other campers.  

PPE worn by participants and staff:
All staff are required to follow local health guidelines. All staff and participants will be required to wear masks when 6 feet distance cannot be maintained. 
Parent Guardian Signature (If participant is a minor):