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COVID-19 Policies 


A reminder for those coming to the club, please remember to complete the Daily Health Check every day prior to arrival - click here to access the form.
We ask that you also remember to wear your Club badge at all times when on Club property, including indoors, as it verifies that you are double vaccinated, as required by the vaccination policy.
Guests must show proof of double vaccination and photo ID when purchasing a lift ticket.  Guests who are at the Club but not skiing are required to obtain a wristband at the front desk, once proof of double vaccination and photo ID has been provided.
Our Craigleith community is only as safe as each of us make it, so we ask you to please consider the health and safety of others when following our COVID guidelines for operating the club.

Click here to access the Ontario government website outlining the COVID-19 protocols for isolation, close contact and testing.  

Vaccination Policy

  • The full vaccination policy is available for review by clicking here.
  • Members, guests and staff must be fully vaccinated in order to be on Club property.
  • Children under 12 will not be required to be fully vaccinated given the timing that the vaccine was approved for this age group makes it logistically impossible to be fully vaccinated prior to badge pick up or as the season progresses, however the Club encourages parents to have their children vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • This policy will remain in effect through to the end of the season even if the provincial government lifts the requirement to show proof of double vaccination
  • Children under 12 who are not vaccinated and travel outside of the county are not permitted to be at the Club or participate in any program, including Alpine Programs, until 14 days after their return date.
  • Children under 12 who are not vaccinated and travel to Canada from another country are not permitted to be at the Club or participate in any program, including Alpine Programs, until 14 days after their arrival date.
  • Non-skiing guests, including those spectating races or meeting members for social purposes will be required to check in at the front desk to show double vaccination receipt and will then be provided with a dated wrist band to show proof of vaccination.

Chairlifts and Lift Lines

  • Physical distancing is required in lift lines; signage and lift staff will remind members about physical distancing.
  • Masks are required in lift lines when physical distancing is not possible.
  • Masks are highly recommended on chairlifts. 
  • There are no cohort requirements/ restrictions to ride lifts – mixed seating is permitted.


  • Masks are still required indoors even with full vaccination policy (government requirement) and while seated for warm up breaks.
  • Physical distancing is also required indoors (government requirement).
  • Lodges are open for use of washrooms, lockers and to warm up, however all food and beverage must be consumed outdoors 
  • All tables have been removed and some chairs have been left out for warm up purposes.  .
  • Outdoor patio furniture and picnic tables will be provided.
  • Hand dryers in washrooms will not be in use.
  • Water bottle filling stations will be available, but fountains will not be operable.
  • Cleaning and disinfection must take place as frequently as necessary in order to maintain a sanitary condition; cleaning logs for each washroom will be maintained.
  • Two-way traffic in lodges is permitted however signage and directional flow markers will remain.
  • Lost and found stations are available in the lodges.

Food and Beverage Service

  • Indoor food service will be available for sale for take out at Base and North and provided by Roadrunner Foods.
  • Bar service is availabe for take out to the patio 
  • Appropriate protocols will be in place based on public health regulations.
  • All food and beverage must be consumed outdoors.
  • South Lodge does not offer food service - emphasis is on use by Alpine Programs 

Alpine Programs

  • Programs are offered for all ages (including U6) – Pre-Christmas, Christmas, 9 Week and March Break
  • Programs will run continually with indoor breaks and no scheduled lunch.  Masks required indoors for everyone, as per government regulations.
  • Duration depending on age group, including break periods.
  • Staggered start and end times.
  • Format is designed to minimize indoor use.
  • Alpine Program staff will host morning meeting outdoors weather permitting.
  • Approach is similar to that of other clubs on the Escarpment.
  • Registration opens October 15th, Early Bird Deadline is November 15th, firm final registration day of December 1st.
  • Private lessons are available with on line registration, same as last year.
  • Instructor teaching children underr 12, and children under 12, will be required to wear a mask outdoors during the instruction time when physical distancing is not possible
  • Programs are structured to follow the concept of cohorts (same groups / teams through the season).

On Hill Events

  • All participants 12 years + must be double vaccinated.
  • U10 and U12 inter club events will only be held with clubs that have the same vaccination policy as Craigleith.
  • U14 and above must be double vaccinated – race schedule may include racing at locations where double vaccination is not required to be on property (i.e. Blue Mountain) but all program participants must be double vaccinated
  •  “O Cup” (U14 & up) races held midweek.
  • Participation in events may have a limited format and restrictions on number of participants.
  • Protocols in place to ensure visitors for all racers are double vaccinated.
  • CSIA, CSCF, CASI courses – Level 1 & 2 will be offered to Club members only during holidays and possibly some weekends, higher level courses will be held mid-week only.
  • Spectators permitted if double vaccinated.  Spectators from other clubs must wear their club member badge.  Inactive members or other spectators that do not have a lift ticket must prove their vaccination status and obtain a wrist band from front desk before attending the event.  All spectators are requested to maintain physical distancing. 


  • Events will be scheduled that will follow government COVID protocols, Club policies and can be operated in a safe manner including physical distancing and wearing of masks where required.  
  • Social events will be approved to operate with up to 60% of pre-COVID capacity in order to provide safety and comfort to our members.  Floorplans of all events will adhere to social distancing requirements and will be reviewed by the Board Social Committee and COVID Committee chairs.  Event committees will also be encouraged to maximize activities outdoors.


  • There are no restrictions to locker use this season however physical distancing remains a requirement.
  • Guest cubbies are available for use.
  • The “opt out” offer for member lockers is not available this season as there are no limits to locker room occupancy rates.
  • Two-way traffic in locker rooms is permitted however signage and directional flow markers are in place to assist with physical distancing.
  • Signage and communication will be in place to remind members of physical distancing, avoiding locker rooms at peak times if possible and consideration to arriving at the Club ready to go.


  • The playroom will operate with enhanced safety measures and COVID guidelines outlined for licensed childcare and early years centers.

Exchange Tickets

  • Mid-week exchange tickets only, not available on weekends, Christmas Holidays, or Family Day Monday  

Craigleith – Alpine Exchange

  • Craigleith and Alpine Sunday Exchange will be offered beginning on Sunday January 9th, 2022. 
  • The Alpine – Craigleith exchange is available to members only and is not open to guests.
  • Members from both clubs are required to wear their respective badges to show proof of membership and double vaccination in order to participate in the Sunday Exchange.
  • Alpine Program classes will not participate in the Sunday Exchange.

Mid-Week Groups

  • Mid-week group bookings are offered Wednesdays and Thursdays; advanced bookings are required. 
  • The Club’s vaccination policy applies to all mid-week group guests.   
  • Offered Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Limited offering on Fridays – small groups, number of groups limited on race days or days with other activities
  • Expect to offer group services including fun race, beginner lessons and food & beverage options

The Craigleith Shuttle

  • The Club is offering the Craigleith shuttle again this season. 
  • All riders must wear a mask and be double vaccinated. 
  • The driver will request names and contact information for riders. 
  • The driver will ensure COVID cleaning protocols are followed. 

Daily Health Check

  • This remains a government requirement
  • Craigleith app and a website link will provide members access to the daily health check that must be completed each day before coming to the Club

Contact Tracing

  • Contact tracing will be conducted for members through member badge charging at point-of-sale stations and for guests through the guest reservation process including advance bookings for mid-week group guests.

Club COVID-19 Waiver and COVID ALERT APP

  • These programs are not required this season